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Our firm's commitment is to helping others through compassion, trust and excellence. Although we are a law firm engaged in helping people with their legal problems, at our core we are counselors. This means we listen, exhibit compassion and put ourselves in the shoes of others. We know how it feels to suffer and are engaged in alleviating the suffering of others. Our firm's founder, Robert E. Tellez, was born in El Paso, Texas, into a family of Mexican heritage. He spent much time growing up with his grandparents, who spoke Spanish. His family moved to Little Rock in 1985, he grew up in Arkansas, and therefore considers himself an Arkansan.

A criminal conviction carries serious consequences, harsh punishments and sudden uncertainty about your future. Additionally, for non-United States citizens there can be severe immigration consequences to being accused of a crime. Persons accused of violent crimes, thefts and drug charges — especially immigrants who speak Spanish — have rights that must be protected, both inside and outside of the courtroom. Criminal defense attorney Robert E. Tellez uses his years of experience working with immigrants and as a criminal defense attorney to provide a strong voice for you before a judge or jury.

Traffic accidents hurt people. Careless or negligent driving can cause a traffic accident at any moment changing or ending a life. People seriously injured by negligent motorists, and the families mourning the wrongful death of loved ones in car and truck accidents, get the dedicated representation they need at Tellez Law Firm PLLC.